Our FIND YOUR COURAGE Volunteer Recruitment Campaign has begun! Frederick County has been awarded a Regional SAFER grant to recruit additional volunteers for the eighteen volunteer fire and rescue companies in the area. Volunteers are essential in order to meet the needs of our community. Volunteering with Fire and Rescue offers an opportunity to experience one of the most challenging professions in existence.

Volunteers with Fire and Rescue are fundamental in the delivery of services to the citizens and visitors of Clarke and Frederick Counties and the City of Winchester. Volunteers are active operationally as well as administratively and in an auxiliary capacity. The region boasts over 600 volunteer personnel available to provide supplemental staffing for fire and rescue services.

History of Fire and Rescure in Winchester-Frederick-Clarke Areas

fire houseThe Counties of Frederick and Clarke as well as the City of Winchester have a long standing history within the Shenandoah Valley dating back to the late seventeen hundreds. The Rouss Fire Company in Winchester was the first station to appear in the region, which originally was comprised of three separate stations; the Union Fire Company, the Ross Hook Ladder Company and the Charley Rouss Fire Company. The South End Fire Company, youngest of the present four City fire companies, was organized in 1895. South End was prompted by a serious fire at the William Hillyard home located in the southern section of the ever growing city.

The early twentieth century saw the development of new fire and rescue companies as the region began to grow and more people began to make the Shenandoah Valley their home. In Clarke County, the John H. Enders Fire Company in Berryville was started in 1900. With an ever growing population, local cabinet maker, Mr. Enders, and others saw the need for a local fire company in Clarke County. In Frederick County, the Middletown Fire and Rescue Department, chartered in 1942, was created after a main street fire nearly destroyed an entire block of the town.

Currently, Frederick County has eleven Fire and Rescue Companies while Clarke County has three and the City of Winchester has four for a total of eighteen volunteer fire and rescue companies in the region. We have certainly come a long way since the bucket brigades! We invite you to take a look at each station. FIND YOUR COURAGE and consider volunteering to connect with the community.

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