volunteer2What are the responsibilities of becoming a volunteer?

Your responsibilities as a volunteer include adhering to standard operating procedures, participating in training, and maintaining professionalism.

Are there any requirements to become a volunteer?

In order to qualify to become a volunteer, you must be at least 16 years of age and complete a criminal background check.

What opportunities exist for volunteers in Fire and Rescue?

  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Computer Support
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Firefighters
  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writers
  • Pageantry
  • Public Education
  • Training
  • Vehicle & Building Maintenance

What are the benefits of volunteering with Fire and Rescue?

Benefits may vary depending on where you volunteer. Most areas have the following benefits:

  • Accident & Injury Coverage
  • Chaplain Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Property Tax Reduction
  • Photo Identification Card
  • Protective Equipment
  • Service Award Program
  • Stress Support
  • Training
  • Vehicle Registration fee
  • License Plate
  • Vendor Discount Program
  • Volunteer Appreciation Program

Are volunteers directly compensated or paid for their services?

At this time, no direct compensation or pay is received by volunteer members. However, our community is very supportive and appreciative of the services that volunteers provide and offer many benefits to express their gratitude.

How much will I pay for my protective clothing?

All necessary protective clothing is provided by the volunteer companies at no cost to the volunteer.

After my initial training, how much time will I be expected to give as member?

Most volunteer companies set up schedules based on your availability. Volunteer members can spend anywhere from ten to sixty hours per month depending on their level of participation within the Companies.

If I have current training certifications, will they count towards the County's training requirements?

Virginia has agreements for reciprocity with several states for the acceptance of both Fire and EMS certifications.

Where can I register for training?

Classes are sponsored by the Fire and Rescue Department, as well as by the local fire and rescue departments. Classes are also held by the Virginia Department of Fire Programs, the Virginia Office of EMS, and various additional local resources. In addition, Lord Fairfax Community College provides EMT-Enhanced and EMT-Intermediate programs.

Are there age restrictions for volunteers?

To join, one must be at least sixteen years of age. In addition, a Regional Fire & Rescue Explorer Post for fourteen to twenty year olds is also available.

As a volunteer, would I need to respond on incidents or are there other areas in which I can offer assistance?

Some people have no desire to fire structural fires, administer first aid to the sick or rescue accident victims. Some may have the desire, but might not be able to devote the time to training. There are many other positions within the fire and rescue system, which are administrative duties, bookkeeping, computer support, financial management, fundraising, grant writing, pageantry, public education, training, and vehicle and building maintenance and repairs. These opportunities may be seasonal or involve a regular time commitment. Regardless of your skill set, positions are available for you through fire and rescue.

Why are volunteers needed?

The majority of responders within the region are volunteers. The eighteen volunteer fire and rescue stations own and operate their own equipment. Career staffing is provided to supplement the volunteer force.

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