volunteer overviewWhat it Takes to Volunteer

Time Commitment

Most volunteer companies set up schedules based on your availability. Volunteer members can spend anywhere from ten to sixty hours per month depending on their level of participation within the companies.

Training Program

Training programs are offered to volunteers.

Please visit the following links for additional training information:

  • Basic EMS Academy (link)
  • Basic Fire Academy (link)
  • Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department upcoming training (link)
  • Lord Fairfax EMS Council (link)
  • Lord Fairfax Community College (link)
  • Virginia Department of Fire Programs (link)


Benefits of Volunteering

What volunteering can do for your resume? You will be able to show potential employers that you understand the importance of team-work, critical-thinking, ability to productively work within a high pace work environment.

In addition to improving your resume you will also be able to:

  • Build community involvement
  • Have the opportunity to gain experience in the medical field
  • Create new contacts/build new relationships



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